Posted by: psalmart | December 31, 2008

Waterfall and Trees

This painting started off as something else – but ended up as what you see ūüôā

It was a birthday gift to my parents.

Posted by: psalmart | October 20, 2008

Autumn at the Pier

¬†This 8×10¬† original oil painting reflects the coming of fall at a quiet spot by a lake. A few months ago, it may have been busy with folks fishing, but on this cool morning it is a peaceful¬†place to go to enjoy God’s creation. Enjoy.

Posted by: psalmart | October 4, 2008

Stone Bridge

¬† This 6×8 original oil painting is of Stone Bridge at the¬†Battlefield at Manassas (Bull Run).¬†While it does have significance for the role in the battle at Manassas – it is also where my husband asked me to marry him. Enjoy!

Posted by: psalmart | August 28, 2008

Price List

I forgot to list the prices for the paintings

6×8 = $25
8×10 = $35
11×14 = $45
16×20 = $75

Photos already posted –¬†“By a Georgia Highway” (8×10-$35),¬†“Badin Lake Sunset” (16×20-$75), “”Badin Lake Bird” (6×8-$25), “Mountain View” (16×20-$75)¬†¬†

Thank you!!

Posted by: psalmart | August 28, 2008

“Miracle Meadows”

Recently, our OOPS group had a paint at an “equestrian therapeutic center” called “Miracle Meadows.” Children with many types of disabilities can ride and interact with the horses. They do wonderful work there.

This painting will be a part of the OOPS display at Centura Bank in Richlands, then it will be auctioned off in order to help raise money for Miracle Meadows.

Posted by: psalmart | August 23, 2008

Badin Lake Bird

When we were camping at Badin Lake, we went canoeing several times. On one of our trips we saw this little guy sitting on a rock in the water.

What was really interesting was that he was sharing his spot with a muskrat.¬†I didn’t think the rat would show too good in the painting. Hope you enjoy – Eileen.

Posted by: psalmart | August 23, 2008

Paintings still for sale

Just wanted to let everyone know, if you are interested in buying one of my paintings – just send me an e-mail. There are a few which will be donated to different groups, but for the most part¬†they are for sale, so I can buy more paint and canvas ūüôā

Posted by: psalmart | August 10, 2008

“By a Georgia Highway” for Sale on e-bay

I just wanted to let you all know I am putting some of my paintings on e-bay. Here is the link to “Georgia Countryside.”

Posted by: psalmart | August 10, 2008

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse – Before it was moved

I did this painting of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in its old location.  Most North Carolinians followed the move of this wonderful landmark as it was moved further inland to keep it from washing into the sea. 

By the way it is for sale on e-bay. ( ¬†I’m finally getting some of my paintings listed on there!

Posted by: psalmart | July 30, 2008

By a Georgia Highway

This painting was done from a photograph I took many years ago while visiting my husband’s family in southwest Georgia. I’m not sure why I took the picture – it must have been so I could it paint it all these years later.

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